Exclusive Summary


Angesichts is a public psychology consulting founded to erase trauma in society and help people to find themselves.

Principal Mission

  • Give psychological intervention in time for group and individual who suffered from public event. Target from massive related society to direct victim.

Big Problem

  • After serious public tragic events happened, government don’t have enough labor and time to cover all victims with trauma intervention.
  • People refuse go to Psychiatry when suffering from tragedy events for reason that it make them feel ill and more unconfident.
  • Sometimes, unofficial support groups are unstable and lacking of professional guidance.


  • Series book of self therapy guide cataloged by different specific kinds of psychological traumas.
  • Physical and digital game lead self-therapy and self-analysis


  • Group and individual consult
  • Psychological Intervention
  • Psychological Analyzing

The Competitive Advantage of products and service

  • Cooperate with government
  • Use modern AI to reduce labor cost

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