Landing Mesopotamia

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Exploration Mission Daily Report:

Nice weather.Safety level five.

This carbon-based species has a color similar to their ground and picture of the fifth planet from the centre planet in their solar system. They like to lie prostrate at the foot of us as their way of welcome. As we reached this green and blue planet, they gathered around and yelling series pattern of a syllable which our team believes is their language. They were building a giant architecture with decorations before our landing. One part of species with cloth on and leather whip or sharp arms holding in one upper limb, which they have two, surrounding left of the group. This armed group has frozen by shock first. And then some of them try to besiege us but gave up later. Another group of people with less cloth covering and thinner body bowed down toward us. Some transparent liquid ran down their faces from two visual organs. Later, a more armed group of species brought another group of species with more decorations. The armed group gather around the new group and obey their commands. In consider of separations and attitudes, I  conjecture that this species has already built a basic hierarchy in their world. The evidence of politic structure, cloth culture, architecture and occupied land shows that this should be a species with third level civilization and fourth technology level.

They avoid of any direct touch. When we moved forward, most of them backed away and murmured more. Our detector shows their body temperature and shaking movement increased dramatically with our actions.Another exploring team reported similar response from their meeting with others smaller group of this terranian species when they flew back to our ship. We reached three temporary conclusions. First, the bowing down is one of them ceremony. Second, they fear us but still willing to communicate. The last but not least, we are the first developed civilization in the same level who visit this world.

The one thing I want to call attention is that their aggressive nature besides the harmless under current techniques and knowledge. The last group of terranian killed some of their lowest level man in their species. The cloth of those deceased is mostly similar to other groups we found in neighbor zones along the river. They handed the dead body to us and watched our behavior carefully. It is still not clear this is a signal of threatening or welcome.

Exploring Team CT-1

Captain Oodygons

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