Transfixed by Tragedy

Questions for myself

There is a contradiction in my explanation about what is the main purpose for this study. On the one hand, I persuade designers that we can use the same mechanism in tragedy to strengthen resonance with audiences. I assume that this mechanism can works independently without tragic content. No matter how to cover, there is a little bits of manipulation. But on the other hand, I despise presenting design and research as a tool like this.

“ See what I see. Feel what I feel.”

I try to look back for the deepest real motivation which brings tragedy here. It started with trauma, some stories I can now smile at them as tragedies. That provide you not only a filter but also a way to approach this world. You will continually question yourself and this absurd world WHY?Those tragedy and philosophical discussions then stand out and decode the normal routine with other meanings. The cup of tea is not just an aesthetic and ritual beauty related with cultures, colors and senses. When I start to look at with the sense of tragedy, I start to think the relation between people become cold as the tea, and vanish with the steam. Then this cold tea represents fragile of companion and dissipation of communication among human. In every tiny daily trifling matters, the eye of tragedy always can find out one point that really touching. An unutterable feeling and possible truth appear in mind. Which push me to think further and share this light with others even it might be meaningless. There could be nothing can be called ultimate truth to answer all the WHY and bewilderments. But at least, I tried. And I want you to go on. Talked with other designers, one of them worried that designers don’t have enough time to pause and think so much. My answer is that there is nothing change on time consume. Once this idea of tragedy and passion for truth transferred and rooted in you, you will reflect differently on the same material in the same length of time.

As a former journalist and scholar, I have a part of idealism and a little dream that we can find an ultimate truth and reason to enlighten people. My first professor in design once told me that :”You think too much. Design don’t need those depth and philosophy. Just present your it simply and clearly.” To deliver information directly and efficiently is also, I have to admit, my intention of studying design. There is nothing wrong to be commercial and superficial which do improve a better communication in several fields, such as infographic to science, package to market, advertise campaign to economic, et cetera. But when the situation really came to me, I found that I can not agree with those words from professor. I asked myself :”Is this enough?” Design like this is more like a quick exchange of conventional greeting . Of course, the information flows and communicate efficiently , clearly, politely and beautifully. But the human also need In-depth conversation with further analyzing and sharing. If a designer only focuses on those techniques and theories about how to grab more viewer, the designer is more like a layout of design instead. With the enormous database and high information processing capabilities, the computers can generate more precise designs as they done for news. Before play a role as great communicator, I am a human. Audiences and customers are human, an intelligent creature who feel and think every breath. As human not machine, the designers can speaks and think more in their works.

Why we need communicate?

Why we want to improve it?

Why design?

In those hypothesis and explorations from my peers, someone breaks the tradition in professional graphic design, someone challenges the authority in political systems, someone calls for reverse the rigid design environment. We are all fighting and resisting.

Sharing this roar in body with me, we confront all contradictions and absurdity concomitant our existence.

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